Can you order Louis Vuitton online?

All around the world Louis Vuitton fashion and products have made a huge impact with those that love fashion and care about their appearance. Since they offer such high-quality products and are considered the best fashion brand in the world, it is only natural that people around the world wonder if they are able to order their products online. The answer is yes–you can order Louis Vuitton online. However, if you are looking to order Louis Vuitton online, there are definitely some things that you’re going to want to know before you do in order to protect yourself and ensure you are getting authentic Louis Vuitton products instead of a cheap imitation.

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With this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you are going to need to know when looking to purchase Louis Vuitton products online.

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New vs. Used Louis Vuitton Products

When it comes to ordering Louis Vuitton products online, there is a distinct difference in the experience that you should expect between ordering new products versus ordering used products. If you want used Louis Vuitton products, you can order from just about anywhere on the web. Used Louis Vuitton products can sell on sites like eBay and other peer-to-peer platforms without restraint. This is an option for those that want affordable Louis Vuitton shopping, but you should also be cautious when doing this. It is hard to verify the authenticity of the product without actually seeing it, and you could very well be purchasing a fake product. Be sure of the origin of used Louis Vuitton products, or avoid used Louis Vuitton products altogether.

Websites to Order New Louis Vuitton Online

If you do want to purchase new, authentic Louis Vuitton products, then you have a couple of different options. There are only two places on the internet where you can order new Louis Vuitton products. Following our recommendation of only ordering from these two sites will save you money and time, since they are the only two authorized online retailers of Louis Vuitton products.

Louis Vuitton Official Website

The first website that you can order authentic new Louis Vuitton products is This is the official website of Louis Vuitton products and they contain all the new Louis Vuitton products. This is the place that you would go if you want to get the products right from the source and be sure that you are getting authentic products.

24 Sèvres (Owned by LVMH)

Another trustful website where you can order new and genuine Louis Vuitton collection items online is, website owned by LVMH, Louis Vuitton parent company. They are the only other location other than the official Louis Vuitton website where you can order authentic and new Louis Vuitton products.

Avoid Suspicious Websites

If you come across a website that claims to sell brand new authentic Louis Vuitton products that is not one of the two websites that we have provided, the overwhelming chances are that the website is a scamming attempt. You should avoid these sites at all costs. You stand to lose large amounts of money if you choose to purchase through someone that is not an authorized retailer for Louis Vuitton.

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