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What is Fendi?

The Italian luxury fashion house Fendi was originally founded in 1926 by Adele and Edoardo Fendi as a store that specialized in fur and leather. However, since 2001, Fendi has become a member of the LVMH group. Out of all their iconic designs, you are probably most familiar with their Fendi Baguette, which has been worn by celebrities like Madonna and Naomi Campbell. As of recently, their current creative director is Kim Jones.

The best shoes from Fendi!

One of the reasons people love Fendi is their vast collection of diverse and sophisticated shoes. They have been able to successfully create plenty of different types of shoes that can fit anyone’s sense of style. From their preppy loafer to their bold sneakers, there is truly something for everyone!

Black Leather Loafers

If you prefer more sophisticated and preppy shoes, then this black loafer is perfect for you. This loafer is made out of black brushed leather that is adorned with a laser-engraved FF motif on the upper. These loafers can be styled with a high-quality pair of trousers or even a nice pair of dark-washed jeans for a more casual look. The choice is truly yours with these versatile shoes!

Fendi Shoes For Men BlackYellow Suede High-Tops

A great pair of shoes to wear during colder weather are these cool suede high-tops. These shoes are made out of yellow ocher suede leather and, to keep your feet warm, they are adorned with white sheepskin details and lining. On top of that, these shoes are embellished with the Fendi Roma lettering on the side of the shoe. So, do yourself a favor and go check out these captivating shoes!

Black Leather Ankle Boots

Add a bit of edge to your outfits by wearing these striking black leather ankle boots! These shoes are adorned with a unique FF detail on the heel. To increase the comfort of these ankle boots, they have a zip on the inside of the shoe. These shoes are versatile, so you can wear them with almost anything in your closet. From your favorite pair of jeans to a new pair of corduroy pants, the options are endless!

White Leather Low-Tops

If you have a more casual sense of style or simply prefer having more laid-back shoes, then these low-top shoes are right up your alley. These lace-up sneakers are made out of white leather and decorated with the classic FF motif in brown and tobacco on the outside.

Next time you buy a new pair of shoes, make sure they are from Fendi. Trust us. Your closet will thank you!