How Much Are Yeezy Slides?

Kanye West’s Yeezy has a reputation for constantly selling out, as their products are usually limited edition or just simply popular. From shoes to clothes, it’s close to impossible to be one of the firsts to have a Yeezy item. Which means, when it comes to reselling, prices can get expensive quickly. With that being said, we’ll be showing how expensive Yeezy slides  in particular  can get.

How Much Are Yeezy Slides

The story behind Yeezy

When Kanye West originally launched Yeezy, in collaboration with Nike, in 2009 no one could have expected how successful the line would become. Ever since 2015, Yeezy have been releasing their collection through their partnership with Adidas. This partnership has been proven successful, as almost every collection sells out immediately. As of late, Yeezy releases more than just shoes; they have released shirts, jackets, track pants, and socks.  We love their futuristic, minimalist approach to streetwear!

The average price of Yeezy slides

Depending on where and when you buy your Yeezy slides, the price can change dramatically. The retail price is $55 for adult sizes, $45 for kids, and $35 for infants. However, these slides have a history of selling out fast. Currently, you can only find them resold at different online shops. The price usually ranges from $100 to $800 depending on model and quality.

Where to buy Yeezy slides

If you can not find Yeezy slides on their websites, you can find authentic Yeezy slides on sites like Farfetch. Farfetch uses professionals to guarantee the authenticity of each product, so don’t worry about the originality of the slides.

Yeezy Bone Slides

Sometimes you might just need a simple pair of slides to wear on a casual afternoon, and these are the perfect pair for the occasion. We love that its beige color allows it to be versatile enough to match any outfit you want to wear. Talk about convenient!

Yeezy Glow Green Slides

We’re completely obsessed with the medium green color these Yeezy come in! The color makes it an absolute must-have in anyone’s closet, but its durability is surely a bonus. Since these shoes are made out of rubber, they can be easily cleaned without any major effort. What’s not to love?

Yeezy Slides

If you’re in need of a casual shoe to wear anywhere, we recommend looking into the classic Yeezy slides. The brown color and design is simple enough to compliment your sense of style without taking away too much attention. Personally, we love how effortless these slides are to wear!

Due to Yeezy’s popularity, finding affordable Yeezy slides can be very difficult. While the retail price for adult Yeezy is $55, they can be resold for hundreds of dollars. However, most would argue that they are completely worth the price, and we can’t disagree with them. So, if you haven’t already, we highly recommend buying yourself a pair of Yeezy slides while they are still in stock!









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