How do Amiri Jeans Fit?

Amiri Jeans are made by local craftsmen in Los Angeles, which makes them one of the few jeans 100% made in the USA. Their sizes are US sizes between 28 and 38 based on the waist. To find out how do Amiri jeans fit, you need to check the sizing guide below and find what size is suitable for you. The size you need will depend on the length of your legs and your waist. However, Amiri jeans are not roomy at all. All the designs are figure-hugging, and most of them are skinny jeans.

Amiri Jeans Fit

Amiri Jeans Sizing

Most Amiri Jeans contain Elastane which makes them stretch so choose a size that is close to your body as they fit true to size. If you don’t want skinny-fit jeans, consider choosing one size up.

Amiri Jeans Size Conversion

Amiri Jeans Size Chart by Ssense

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The Lifecycle Of Amiri Jeans

There’s no exact answer to this particular question. However, Amiri jeans are made from high-quality fabric, and heavier jeans last longer than lightweight jeans. Leather jeans have a longer lifecycle than all other types of jeans by Amiri.

If you use them according to the directions mentioned by the brand, you can expect them to last a long time. All in all, jeans are a long-lasting piece of clothing.

Do Amiri Jeans Shrink?

Generally, after the first wash jeans tend to shrink a bit. However, after wearing them again and again, they might stretch a little bit. Make sure to consider this factor if you are wondering how do Amiri jeans fit.

Amiri jeans for men always sell out pretty fast so make sure to check prices and availability on Curashion before making a purchase, you could save up to 50% off by doing so.

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