Do Balenciaga Sneakers Run Small? Size Chart by Curashion

The Balenciaga sneakers are this season’s must-have shoes. They’re a holy grail sneaker for any streetwear fan and are quickly rivaling the popularity of other luxury brands like Gucci and Alexander McQueen. Whether you’re a minimalist who likes a streamlined sneaker or if you’re looking for something to make a statement, the Balenciaga sneakers should be top of your wish list.

We’re taking a look at the Balenciaga sneakers size chart to help you determine if they run small or not, and which size you should order online. If you’re wondering how Balenciaga sneakers fit, then you’re in the right place!

Do Balenciaga Sneakers Run Small

The Most Popular Balenciaga Sneaker Styles

Sneakers are now the signature style for the Balenciaga footwear range. They have four unisex sneakers that everyone is talking about:

Triple S – 80s athleisure-inspired sneakers with a platform sole and embossed logo on the back and sides. A lightweight shoe with a triple S rubber branding on the tongue and two lace loops. You get an extra pair of laces to change up your sneakers.

Speed Sneakers – These shoes give you socks and sneakers in one. They feature a technical ribbed 3d knit and a molded sole with the Balenciaga logo on the front of the shoe.

Track Sneakers – With these sneakers, everyone will think you’re on the track team! They take their inspiration from running shoes and have a multifaceted design with a vintage effect to make them look like they’re straight from the 90s.

Tyrex Sneakers – The latest sneaker style from Balenciaga is the ‘Tyrex’, which updates the silhouette of a classic dress shoe but makes it classic with overlaying textures.

Do Balenciaga Track Sneakers Run Small?

Generally, Balenciaga sneakers run big because they make them in Italy.

Balenciaga sneakers are one of the most comfortable styles you can add to your designer shoe collection. The Speed shoes replicate the functionality of socks, meaning you don’t have to worry about laces or the tongue of a sneaker. If you’re looking for a pair of Balenciaga Speed sneakers, you want them to fit you like socks. The Speed style doesn’t run true to size, and it’s best to go for one size smaller.

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If you’re considering the Triple S, the Balenciaga sneakers size chart is different for them as well. The Triple S runs larger, so it’s best to go for half a size smaller if possible. If you can’t get them in a half-size, we recommend adding an insole to your typical size shoes to give you a little extra support.

Magazine editors and influencers promote the Track sneaker as being the easiest pair to wear from Balenciaga. As they’re made using an Italian sizing chart, you’ll want to go a full size smaller than what you would wear for sneakers from Nike or Under-Armour.

The Tyrex sneakers are lighter than the Triple S, although the soles aren’t cushioned so you won’t have the same level of support. While other Balenciaga shoes tend to run smaller, we recommend going up one size with the Tyrex sneaker.

Women’s Balenciaga Sneakers Size Chart

Balenciaga Sneakers Size Chart Women

Men’s Balenciaga Sneakers Size Chart

Balenciaga Sneakers Size Chart Men

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