The Best Yeezy Slides Colors

Chances are you’ve probably heard of Kanye West’s successful fashion collaboration, Yeezy. Yeezy has released plenty of different products, but you are probably more familiar with their slightly controversial, but extremely popular footwear. Not long ago, they released a variety of Yeezy slides in multiple different colors. We’ll be focusing on the best colors out of the collection!

Yeezy Slides Colors

What is Yeezy?

While Yeezy officially launched in collaboration with Nike in 2009, you are probably more familiar with their current partnership with Adidas. This partnership has been proven incredibly successful, as each collection almost sells out immediately. While Yeezy is most known for their footwear, they actually sell all kinds of products including shirts, pants, jackets, and socks. We love the futuristic minimalist look these clothes embody.

Most popular Yeezy slide colors

Yeezy slides have been proven to be one of their most popular products. The slides have a minimal, simple aesthetic that make it easy to wear and take care of. We’re obsessed with how versatile these slides are. To increase the adaptability of the shoe, Yeezy has released different slides in a plethora of different hues. Here are some of our favorite Yeezy slide colors!

Glow Green

Sometimes you just need a bright, vibrant shoe to make your outfit pop. If you relate to that sentiment, these neon green shoes are your perfect match! We highly recommend purchasing this striking color; you and your closet won’t regret it!

Earth Brown

For those who prefer a more versatile Yeezy slide that can match with almost anything, the Earth Brown color should be your ideal choice. The color will match your outfit without being too boring. It is the perfect shade to wear to run errands or out to lunch with some friends.

Enflame Orange

If you are not into mundane colors and prefer something more flamboyant, then these bright neon orange Yeezy slides are right up your alley. While they don’t necessarily go with everything, they certainly can add a bit of spice to anyone’s shoe collection.


Green has been a huge trend in fashion lately, and we can see why. It’s natural, mellow look is versatile enough to match your outfits without blending into the background. The Resin Yeezy Slide perfectly showcases the color’s carefree style while making it their own. So, if you want to showcase your love for this trendy color, you should do it using these slides!


This Yeezy Slide color might be their most popular, and we can see why. The white hue allows the shoes to easily blend into anyone’s wardrobe. The color is fashionable enough to be worn while running errands, but also minimal enough to wear while hanging around your home. We completely recommend purchasing yourself a pair of these versatile slides!

You never know when your favorite Yeezy slides will be on sale. To keep up with sales from your favorite brands, visit often. Who knows, you might find your favorite Yeezy slides with a discounted price!



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