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Buying Guide of Gucci Slides for men

Shopping for a new set of slides can be a process, but we’re here to help guide you toward your next fashion purchase. Many other people have had similar questions about their next footwear purchase.

How to Clean Your Gucci Slides

Gucci Slides are some of the most comfortable shoes, which is why you’ll find yourself wearing them a lot. With a lot of wear that leaves the possibility of your shoes getting dirty and you’ll want to know the proper way to clean your Gucci Slides. If your shoes are made of rubber you can use a brush with a little water and a mild cleanser to clean the footbed area and remove some of the dirt that can build up. If the slides are made of leather be sure to utilize a cleanser that is safe to use on fine leather goods or even a leather polish. You want to ensure you never use acetone on your slides or you’re liable to remove the actual paint and ruin your shoes.

What to Wear Gucci Slides With

Anything you want, this is one of the most versatile, yet comfortable types of shoes you can buy. Some people will choose to wear them with socks, and some just wear the sandal. You can feel comfortable wearing them with your favorite gray sweatpants or even a nice, fitted pair of destroyed jeans. These slides have a permanent side-effect of making your high-end fashion style look and feel totally effortless.


How do Gucci Slides Run?
A big question you might have before you commit to making a purchase is exactly how your new shoes will fit. Because slides are a more casual fitting style of shoe, they tend to run and feel more like a relaxed type of shoe. You’ll notice the innersole start to conform to the shape of your foot over time which will only make them even more comfortable. This process typically takes a few weeks but is an added bonus that your slides just get more comfortable over time. With that being said, men’s Gucci Slides tend to run a little on the larger side and offer some wiggle room even if you purchase your regular size.
Are Gucci Slides Comfortable?
Slides tend to have a very “open floorplan” when it comes to a shoe. There is a lot of room for your foot to expand as you take steps, so it is a very comfortable type of footwear. You can wear these shoes with socks or without them depending on your preference for some added cushioning.
Are Gucci Slides for Me?
You are clearly a savvy and stylish shopper, so yes Gucci slides are definitely for you. These shoes will elevate your style, get you noticed, and allow you to walk in absolute comfort.
If you are a traveler, these shoes might be just the thing you’re missing. Going through airport security would be a breeze while also being extremely fashionable wearing a pair of men’s Gucci slides. Adding Gucci slides to your wardrobe collection will make it finally feel complete, and set you apart from the crown with your sense of style and unparalleled comfort.
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