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What is Golden Goose?

Golden Goose is an Italian luxury fashion brand founded by Francesca and Alessandro Gallo. Since launching in 2000, they’ve only grown a stronger fan base. Golden Goose is primarily loved for their ability to combine modern style with a vintage flair. We love their rugged, detail oriented take on fashion. Their work is truly one of a kind!

The best golden goose tennis shoes!

A tennis shoe is usually viewed as a shoe that can be worn on or off the court. While Golden Goose doesn’t primarily make shoes strictly for sports, they can still  technically be used for athletic activities. However, it is important to note that most of their shoes are usually made just for fashionable purposes only. With that being said, here are some of our favorite tennis shoes from Golden Goose!

PURESTAR white sneakers

If you prefer a more simple sneaker, then these Purestar sneakers are perfect for you! Every element on the sneaker was created in optical white. What makes this shoe even more ideal is that it was built to be “top performing”, which makes it a great choice for anyone who lives an athletic lifestyle.

Golden Goose Tennis ShoesSuper-Star sneakers with black heel tab and metal stud lettering

These slightly distressed sneakers are the perfect accessory for a casual day of running errands. It has slight, purposeful wear and tear around the bottom of the shoe. The primarily white and beige, with a black heel tab to add a bit of edge. Ultimately, it has a very classic and timeless aesthetic; which we adore!

Ball Star sneakers with leopard-print star and pink laminated leather heel tab

Looking for something a bit more eccentric to spice up your wardrobe? Consider purchasing these sneakers! Inspired by American college style and basketball, these sneakers are adorned with different colors and patterns. They are the perfect shoes to wear to rejuvenate any dull or basic outfit!

Purestar sneakers in white leather with foxing and gold laminated leather heel tab

If you like your sneakers to look luxurious, you’ll love these gold sneakers. While the sneaker is primarily made out of white leather, its gold midsole and heel tab steal all the attention. Not only do they look incredibly fashionable, they are also made to feel comfortable with their “shock-absorbing technology”. Isn’t that unbelievable?!

So, don’t walk, run to get yourself a pair of tennis shoes from Golden Goose! They are the perfect shoes to purchase to revitalize your wardrobe and style! In other news, remember to keep yourself updated on trends and sales by visiting Curashion.com. Be one of the first to know when your favorite brands are having a sale!