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What you should know about Alo Yoga!

The streetwear brand, Alo Yoga, started in 2007 with a goal to create an “Inspiring mindful movement” with their products. They are most known for their comfy yoga clothes that have been worn by celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift. However, they sell more than just clothes. As of right now, they sell women’s clothes, men’s clothes, yoga gear, and skincare. So, if you’re interested in purchasing stylish, but comfortable clothes; we recommend looking into Alo Yoga.

Their best yoga mats!

Finding a sturdy yoga mat is one of the keys to having a good yoga session. While there are plenty of different options for mats, we particularly like the Alo Yoga’s mats for their style and durability. Although, Alo Yoga offers plenty of different mats to choose from, these are our  favorite mats.

Warrior Yoga Mat

Their Warrior Yoga Mat is probably their most recommended mat for its basic, but long-lasting quality. It comes in many different colors: from hot pink to neon yellow to black. Which is great because it means there is a high probability you’ll find it in a color you love! The mat is also extremely useful as it is anti-odor, moisture-wicking, slip-free, and tailored for joint support!

Tie Dye Warrior Mat

If you prefer a more colorful yoga mat, then this Tie Dye Warrior Mat is right up your alley. It comes in three different colors: Pink Tie Dye, Bright Aqua Tie Dye, and Grey Tie Dye. This yoga mat comes with all the benefits that the original Warrior Yoga Mat does, so don’t worry about the quality.

Travel Mat

Some people would rather do yoga in an outside setting or while traveling. This can be slightly difficult if your yoga mat is too thick or stuffy. Luckily for you, Alo Yoga created a thin, light yoga mat that you can easily carry anywhere. Despite its small size, this mat is also just as dependable and durable as the rest of their yoga mats.

Camo Warrior Mat

If tie dye print isn’t your thing but you still want to try out a pattern, then you should look into Alo Yoga’s Camo Warrior Mat. The mat has a black and grey color scheme, so it definitely doesn’t grab too much attention if you don’t like flashy patterns or colors.  As usual, it comes with all the benefits that their other mats are designed with.

You never know when Alo Yoga will be having a sale. To keep ahead of trends and sales, remember to visit Curashion.com often!

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