What is Yeezy?

Kanye West’s Yeezy was originally launched in collaboration with Nike in 2009. However, ever since 2015, Yeezy has been partnered with Adidas. The partnership has been proven incredibly successful, as each collection sells out almost immediately. Their shoes have been worn by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Diddy. More recently, Yeezy has signed a 10-year deal to create clothes for Gap!

The best Yeezy slides!

While Yeezy is most known for their sneakers, their slides are just as stylish and popular. Every time Yeezy releases their slides, they sell out in minutes. Customers are obsessed with their comfortable and minimal look, and who can blame them! These are some of our favorite Yeezy slides for women!

Yeezy Bone Slides

If you are looking for a simple slide to wear on a casual day, then we highly recommend these Yeezy Bone Slides. The slides are a relaxing shade of beige that can match any of your outfits. What makes these shoes even better is that they are made of rubber. This means the slides are super easy to clean and care for! You will never have to worry about a stain again!

Yezzy Slide Resin Lt Snkr Synth

As of lately, the color green has been everyone’s obsession. You can see this color appear plenty of times in clothes, furniture, and, of course, Yeezy slides. This color pops perfectly on these comfortable shoes. So not only are these slides cozy and durable with their rubber sole, they are incredibly trendy and stylish! We highly recommend buying yourself a pair of these adorable shoes!

Yezzy Slides

Yeezy Slides Women Brown

Everyone should have a simple pair of slides in their closet. They are easy and stylish enough to put on during an evening at home or while running errands. These brown Yeezy slides are beloved for their minimalist aesthetic and durable rubber soles. Personally, we love how effortless these slides are! Due to the popularity and demand of these slides, they tend to sell out fast. So purchase yourself a pair before they are out of stock completely!

Kanye West’s Yeezy has become a household name and a billion-dollar business in only a few years. While Yeezy sneakers are their most popular product, their slides are just as notable. However, these slides are so beloved that they are often not in stock. With that being said, remember to buy yourself a stylish pair of slides before they sell out!

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