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For those who don’t know, Yeezy is a fashion label that was established in 2009 by artist, Kanye West, for the purpose of making sneakers. Its first collaboration was with Nike in 2009, but you are probably more familiar with their current partnership with Adidas. Ever since the partnership started in 2015, it has helped Yeezy grow to become the multi-billion dollar business we know today!

The best boots from Yeezy!

Feel warm and chic during the colder months by wearing some minimalistic boots from Yeezy! Due to their simplistic design, you can truly wear these boots with almost anything in your wardrobe. From a casual pair of jeans to some nice sweatpants, the choices are truly endless!

Yeezy Boots For Women

Kelp Embossed Ankle Boots

Be prepared to command every room you walk in with these bold ankle boots. They are made out of kelp embossed gray leather and are adorned with a side zipper and have a snakeskin effect. You pair these boots with a trench coat and tights for a sophisticated look, or just wear them with a simple pair of jeans! Either way, these boots will have you feeling confident and chic!

Yeezy 70 Ankles Boots

For those with a more simplistic sense of style, these little ankle boots are perfect for you! These boots were created using a stunning black suede fabric and have a chic pointed toe and heel. We love how elegant these shoes are. They are perfect for a night out on the town or a cute date!

Yeezy 950 M “Yeezy” Boots

Keep your feet cozy and stylish this winter with these bulky boots. We absolutely love its thick sole and its stylish canvas! It is made of our premium suede for a slightly luxurious feel, but its brown color allows it to be worn anywhere. So, whether you are preparing to be dealing with layers of snow or just love the look of the shoe, you should definitely look into these fashionable boots!

Pointed Sock Boots

For a more futuristic and unique look, you should check out these stunning gray boots. They have a small kitten heel for added height and are about ankle length. We are obsessed with its versatile and minimalistic gray color. These boots can be worn with some preppy trousers or a cute skirt!

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