Gucci spike stud sandal
spike stud sandal In Black
Gucci Original GG slider sandal for women
Original GG slider sandal for women In Neutrals
Gucci matelassé rubber pool slides
matelassé rubber pool slides In White
Gucci floral slides
floral slides In Pink & White
Gucci logo slides
logo slides In Green

Gucci Slides For Women Buying Guide

Whether you are looking to treat yourself or buy a friend or family member a gift they'll never forget, you'll want to consider a few things when starting your shopping journey.

If you are a bold fashionista who is adventurous with your style, Gucci slides are definitely for you. If you are a contemporary casual dresser or even a chic businesswoman then they are also for you. At the end of the day, there is a women's Gucci slide for everyone. You can add a simple pair of shoes and upgrade your entire wardrobe at the same time. Enhance your aesthetic with a pair of new slides and become someone else's style inspiration. Women's Gucci slides are a simple shoe, with a large fashion footprint that will never go out of style.

Most Popular Women's Gucci Slides

GG Blooms Supreme Slide Sandals

Iconic with a floral twist – the GG Blooms Supreme Slides feature a comfortable padded insole with a gorgeous unique floral-print GG canvas upper. These slides are eye-catching but are still flexible enough to pair with almost anything in your wardrobe with the neutral earth undertones of tan and brown.

Rubber Pursuit G Slides

Whimsical fashion is what comes to mind with these Rubber Pursuit G Slides. They feature a totally rubber upper/sole area and come in three different colors (rose, great white, and black) to fit any aesthetic. The texturized “G”s also add a noticeable pop to your outfit!

Angelina Logo Slides

If you’re looking to elevate your shoe collection the Angelina Logo Slides might literally be exactly what you’re looking for. This slide is actually a platform covered in organic denim jacquard for not only a unique aesthetic but also composition.

Jolie Flat Sandals

We shift gears in the world of slides when we visit the Jolie Flat Sandals. These are some little slides with big strides in the fashion industry. The design has roots in the 70s with the iconic gold G’s laid over black diagonal matelassé leather uppers.


What are Gucci slides made of?

Gucci slides come in a surprising number of styles and are made of a very wide assortment of materials. You'll find slides that are made of high-quality rubber - these tend to be more on the casual aesthetic side of things. Some slides can also be made with leather straps, canvas, or even a combination of different materials. You'll also see some slides that are embellished with gems, pearls, or other accent pieces to fit your unique style.

Are Gucci Slides comfortable for women?

You can take our word for it when it comes to our opinion on comfort. Slides tend to be very comfortable and allow your feet to breathe even in tropical weather. The soles will also soften over time and you'll feel the shoe start to mold itself around your feet for a snug custom fit. Your personal preference will come into play ultimately as the most important factor when it comes to comfort. Picking out your ideal materials, fit, and aesthetic will help you find the perfect shoe.
Gucci slides tend to be a shoe that has quite a bit of wiggle-room, so your regular size should fit just fine, and it might give you some room for if you are a fan of tossing on a pair of socks.

What outfits can I wear these sliders with?

You can pair a great set of slides with almost any outfit you own. The casual rubber styles look amazing when you're lounging by the pool. There are some canvas slide styles that can complete your sundress looks, or even when you are wearing a nice top with a pair of cute jeans. However, for those super casual and comfortable days, Gucci slides can spruce up any tracksuit or lounge outfit.

How do you tell if your Gucci women’s slides are authentic?

When you are shopping for a genuine Gucci slide it’s important to know what to look for. It starts with the box, there are two types of boxes used by Gucci: a black and white version and brown. Another telltale sign is if your shoes have a serial number, check them to see if the date codes and information add up. Gucci slides also tend to have a solidly curved arch in their slides’ uppers, while counterfeit slides tend to point and almost bend down/forward. Another good way to tell is if your shoe has Gucci embossed on the sole, all of the characters will line up. Fake Gucci slides tend to have text characters that don’t align.