The Evolution of Women’s Designer Slides

What began as women’s designer pool slides has developed into a go-to pair of shoes for many women. In 2017, the casual wear phenomena had just arrived and activewear was a major trend within the genre. Slides, originally designed to be worn at the pool or in the gym, became mainstream after appearing in the collections of several sportswear brands. The default look was to wear the slides with a pair of quirky socks, a trend which divided the internet.

It didn’t take long for the trend to explode on the luxury fashion scene, and its popularity can be linked to its affordable price point in comparison to other designer shoes. As a result, designer slides for women have featured heavily in the runway shows and collections of all the major fashion houses since they first appeared in 2017. One of the cult-favourite pairs of slides is undoubtedly the Gucci Logo Slides which are one of the most accessible entry-level pieces for the brand.

The versatility of women’s designer slides has been made them a bestseller season after season. The trend has something to offer everyone; from the minimalistic Moncler Striped Sliders to the boujee Fendi Fluffy FF Motif Slides. The style is a go-to staple for celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Sophie Turner, Justin Bieber and David Beckham. Women’s designer pool slides can be worn as an everyday pair of shoes, either with or without socks and are the ideal travel and vacation essential. Pair them with shorts, an oversized sweatshirt and an aviator sunglasses to embrace the casual chic look.