Versace Shirts or the most iconic silk shirts for men

Gianni Versace launched his eponymous label in 1978 and brought its unique wave of color and bold print to the fashion industry. Ever since childhood, Gianni wanted to create something amazing since he himself was bathed in the world of fashion.

When the designer died, his sister took charge of his position and started to work as the lead designer of the brand.

Fashion proposed by the Versace brand is amazing and continues to win the hearts of many people. It doesn't matter whether it is their shirts, their fragrances, accessories, and whatnot.

Some of the things by Versace have become the epitome of the fashion industry and are must-haves! One of them is the Versace men's shirt.

Versace shirts for men come in various shapes and sizes and give a very modern look. Clothes designed by Versace brand can never go unnoticed.

Versace's collection of shirts includes both short and long sleeve men's shirts. These shirts are basically aimed at men of character who are drawn to uncompromising choices in fashion.

The highlights of garments by Versace mostly includes motifs and superb-quality fabrics used in their confection.

The History of Men’s Versace Shirts

Versace silk shirts have been a style staple since the 1990s, after first appearing in Versace’s collection in the late 1980s. Men’s Versace shirts have feature prominently in popular culture, and has become a classic style worn by celebrities at concerts, award shows and major events ever since. The current collection of men’s Versace shirts range from a classic cotton white shirt with a statement collar featuring their timeless ‘Barocco Acanthus’ print, to the iconic ‘Le Pop Classique Print’ shirt designed in a bold colour palette and made from stretched denim.

Versace silk shirts have a cult-following and are a favourite amongst celebrities such as reality TV star Scott Disick, singer Drake and boxer Connor McGregor.The Barocco print first appeared in Versace’s catalogue in 1992, and was brought back into the current collections in 2017 to mark the 20th anniversary of Gianni Versace’s tragic death. The extravagant prints, which now includes tie-dye floral designs, are a hallmark of the Versace brand and is a call-back to the ‘Dynasty’ era of opulent fashion with the Medusa medallion featuring heavily in the designs.

The relationship between Versace and hip-hop can be linked back to The Notorious B.I.G’s 1995 hit ‘One More Chance/Stay With Me’. The opulent style of Versace has been associated with hip-hop music since then, and Dontella has continued her brother’s close relationship with musicians to promote their brand. Versace, and in particular men’s Versace shirts, have appeared in the work of musicians from Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Tyga and French Montana.

How To Take Care of Versace Men's Shirts

You can take better care of your Versace men's shirts by using a mild detergent to wash them with cold water only. Also remember to air dry your shirts because this way, they last much longer in terms of color.

Are Versace shirts worth the investment?

Yes, Versace shirts are totally worth the investment. These shirts are timeless.

This brand continues to create hits season after season. Its products not only are of high quality but are also a great mix of trendy and classic designs. This brand is here to stay and is worth the investment for your wardrobe.

Versace Top Picks

Versace Men's Silk Shirts

Silk shirts by Versace are one of the best. These shirts are long worn by men because of their amazing fabric quality and design. These shirts have beautiful and vibrant colors with creative prints that really give a fresh and trendy vibe.

Trend Fit Dress Shirts

Trend fit dress shirts are one of the MUST-HAVES! You have got to have one of these shirts in your collection. They are a perfect blend of trendy and classic, making you look really cool. Moreover, they go a long way if you keep them well maintained.

Striped Printed Shirts

Striped printed shirts are one of the classics and formals from Versace. They are simply fantastic for all formal events. Moreover, the quality and longevity of these shirts are just great!

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