The Top Brands for Men's Designer Scarves

Almost every fashion brand features a collection of men’s designer scarves, and they are a staple we reach for all year round. For some brands, such as Gucci and Alexander McQueen, these products are some of their best selling menswear pieces. This guide is a quick run-through of the top brands t keep your eyes out for during the next men’s designer scarves sale.

Men's Designer McQueen Scarves

Alexander McQueen

One of the most recognizable items from the Alexander McQueen collection is their designer scarves for men. While the skull scarf is still their best-seller, the brand has also branched out to more simplistic designs, including their logo embroidered scarf which modernizes the classic football style scarf.

Men's Designer Gucci Scarves


Gucci’s collection of men’s designer scarves are one of the largest available. The brand offers everything from their classic monogram print scarf through to more elevated pieces such as the Tian print modal silk shawl. The classic double interlocking GGs feature heavily throughout their collection, as well as the signature red and green colors. Gucci is a perfect choice if you want a scarf that is both classic but fashion-forward.

Men's Designer Fendi Scarves


The signature FF motif features heavily in their collection of designer scarves for men. Their range includes statement items such as their striped FF motif scarf and more minimalistic options such as the FF motif patch scarf for the man who prefers to keep his designer fashion more lowkey.

Men's Designer Burberry Scarves


If you want a timeless scarf that can be worn anywhere and will never age, then Burberry is your answer. With a royal seal of approval, the Burberry cashmere scarves are one of the brand’s hallmark accessories, available in their classic understated check prints.