The Top Styles for Men’s Designer Sandals

You are certain to find a pair of sandals in every man’s wardrobe. They’re a timeless classic that makes a great investment piece to your wardrobe that you can wear practically all year round, and that is a summer and vacation staple. To help you pick the perfect pair of men’s designer sandals for you, we’ve broken down the four main styles below.

The Traditional Sandal

The classic open-toe leather sandal with straps is one of the oldest shoe designs and has truly stood the test of time. These men’s designer sandals are suitable for any occasion and can be easily dressed up or down during the warmer months. Saint Laurent’s Jimmy Open-Toe Sandals make a great option as an investment piece to wear with shorts and a blazer to the office during dress-down Fridays.

Slides (or Flip Flops)

Part of the athleisure trend, slides are inspired by the shoes you would wear at a poolside and are typically made of rubber. Wherever you stand on the debate about whether you can wear sliders with socks, the style has become a go-to style in recent years for casual summer outfits or to wear while running errands. Keep true to athleisure style with a pair from Gucci or Off-White, or elevate your style with Saint Laurent’s take on the trend which includes leather lining.

Sling-back Sandals

The dresser choice of men’s designer sandals are the sling-backs, which traditionally come with a solid heel for a formal look. This style is a great choice if you want to experiment wearing sandals with a suit for a more tailored look. Gucci’s horsebit sandals have a sleek finish for ultimate versatility, while the Alexander McQueen cross-strap sandals provide a more casual street-style twist on the sling-back sandals.

Track Sandals

Most often designed using nylon and featuring velcro straps, Balenciaga’s ‘track sandal’ dominates this style of men’s designer sandals. This trend is particularly popular on the street style scene, and they are sure to make a statement with any outfit. Bulky in size, these are a hybrid between a platform sneaker and traditional sandals, making them a perfect choice for spring and summer, and they’ve quickly become a vacation staple for men.

Men’s designer sandals are no longer just a shoe to wear to the beach and have instead became a classic part of both the laid-back and minimalistic style, as well as the out-of-the-box street-style promoted by Balenciaga and Off-White. When you’re on the lookout for an investment pair of sandals, use Curashion to help you shop around for the greatest deal, so that you can grab your favourite men’s designer sandals for the best price on the internet with savings of up to 50% off.