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For those who do not know, Palm Angels is a streetwear brand that was founded by designer and photographer, Francesco Ragazzi. Palm Angels originally made their debut in the fashion world with their Fall/Winter 2015 collection. While their brand is based in Milan, it is surprisingly most known for its Los Angeles and skater-inspired designs. With that being said, if you are looking for a new bold jean jacket, we highly recommend purchasing one from Palm Angels.

The best Palm Angels jean jackets of the moment

Having a good, solid jean jacket is very important as it is a timeless wardrobe essential. Every brand out there has their own version of the classic wardrobe piece, so, of course, Palm Angels have their fair share of jean jackets. We are obsessed with their trendy, daring jean jackets, and we know you will be too! Here are some of our favorite pieces!
Palm Angels Jean Jacket Logo

Logo Over Denim Jacket

This light washed denim jacket is an absolute must-have! The jacket has a slightly oversized look, which is perfect for layering! As always, the Palm Angel’s logo appears in white on the back of the jacket. We love that this jean jacket is versatile enough to wear in the fall and spring.

Track Denim Jacket

If you are more attracted to an athletic look, then this jacket is completely up your alley. This dark washed denim jacket has two white stripes sewn on the arms. The Palm Angels’ logo appears on a leather patch sewn on the back of the jacket. This jacket could be worn to a track meeting or just casually to hang out with friends.

Curved Logo Jacket

This jacket is very special as it is an online exclusive to Palm Angels’ customers. The jacket itself is a cool black color that is universally flattering. The Palm Angel’s logo appears on the back of the jacket in a sheer gray color. If you need a casual jacket to bring in the cooler weather, then the Curved Logo Jacket is your perfect match.

Logo Denim Jacket

Ultimately, nothing beats the classic jean jacket design. Palm Angels brings us this timeless design with their own special twist. The jacket is a complimentary medium blue color that can be worn with anything. It has two pockets in the front, which is incredibly convenient for those who prefer to carry their accessories. The Palm Angels’ logo appears on the back of the jacket in a faded font.

Everyone should have a jean jacket, but do yourself a favor and make sure yours is from Palm Angels. Everybody deserves a jean jacket as stylish as the ones Palm Angels make!

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