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What is Off-White?

Off-White is a luxury fashion label that was started in 2012 by American designer, Virgil Abloh. It was first founded as ‘Pyrex Vision’, however, the label was rebranded as Off-White when ‘Pyrex Vision’ was starting to get criticized for its controversial designs. Off-White has become a huge success in recent years due to its loyal customers and bold designs. Chances are that you have seen their industrial belts, deconstructed sneakers, and ironic accessories somewhere on your feed, as celebrities and Instagram influencers alike are obsessed with this trendy label! And who could blame them!

The best sneakers from Off-White!

When it comes to buying new sneakers, you should just head directly to Off-White. After collaborating with brands like Nike, Levi’s, and Jimmy Choo, Off-White knows how to create a stylish sneaker! If you need some shopping inspiration, here are some of the Off-White sneakers for women!

For Walking Sneakers

For those with a more casual sense of style, we can’t help but recommend these ironic sneakers. These sneakers were made out of leather, and have the words “for walking” printed on the sides of the shoes in black. These shoes are perfect for, well, walking. You can wear these shoes with a pair of jeans, or dress them up and style them with a dress!

Out of Office Low-Top Sneakers

If you have a more feminine sense of style, these white and pink leather sneakers are right up your alley. Its signature Arrows motif and classic design make these shoes an absolute must-have in any women’s closet! We are obsessed with how versatile these sneakers are, as you can pair them with comfortable sweatpants or even trousers!

Odsy-1000 Sneakers

These subtle, but stunning pair of sneakers are going to be your next fashion obsession. These white sneakers have a sculpted rubber sole and a tonal lace-up closure that make these shoes completely unique! Not only that, but due to their comfortable silhouette and stylish design, they are the perfect sneakers to wear to run errands on a busy day!

Vulcanized Low-Top Sneakers

These low-top sneakers are perfect for those who love bold and eye-catching designs! These black low vulcanized sneakers are adorned with Whitearrows and a black rubber sole with diagonals. If you want to command a room with your shoes, then these sneakers are your best match!

Next time you’re buying yourself a pair of sneakers, do yourself a favor and make sure they are from Off-White. Your closet will thank you!