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What is Marine Serre?

Despite only debuting their brand in 2016, Marine Serre has been able to grow to cult status for their futuristic and sporty garments. Their loyal customers (which includes but is not limited to Lorde, Beyoncé, and Dua Lipa) are obsessed with their sustainable, vibrant clothing. If you have not heard of the brand, you have still probably seen their iconic crescent moon logo. This logo has been seen in music videos, album covers, and even magazine covers! We love how fashion-forward but comfortable Marine Serre’s clothes are!

The best hoodies from Marine Serre!

When it comes to hoodies, your number one priority is usually comfort. However, if the hoodie just so happens to be stylish as well, then that is a huge bonus. Marine Serre has been able to achieve in both categories when it comes to their hoodies: comfort and style. So, to get you started, here are some of the best hoodies from Marine Serre!

Marine Serre HoodieBeaded Hooded Shirt

This hooded shirt is perfect for achieving a futuristic look. Its slim cut and tribal print will add a nice edge to any of your outfits! We love how comfortable, but fashionable, this top is! You can wear this hoodie with your favorite printed or vibrant jeans for a more colorful look, or you can just pair it with sweatpants to keep the outfit casual!

Knitted Hooded Sweatshirt

If you want something that is cozy but will keep your outfit trendy, we recommend looking into this sweatshirt. This sweatshirt has a slightly oversized look to it, but it is perfect for someone who loves comfort and coziness in their hoodies. This sweatshirt will effortlessly complement all of your clothes due to its versatile shape and color. You can wear it with anything you already own, which is a huge bonus!

Graphic-print Hooded Top

For those who want something a bit more eye-catching, we think this hooded top is right up your alley. This captivating top has an edgy motif on the back of the coat. To create a more colorful look, this top has vibrant stone charms connected to its drawstrings. This top is the perfect thing to wear on a slightly crisp day! We love how its classic black color allows you to wear it with anything you have in your closet already!

The next time you plan on purchasing a brand-new hoodie or sweatshirt, make sure it is from Marine Serre. Trust us, their futuristic and comfortable hoodies will be your next style obsession!

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