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What is Loewe?

Loewe is a Spanish luxury fashion house that was originally founded in 1846. Back then, they were mainly known for their leather purses and handbags. The brand was so popular that even Spanish royalty would wear their products. The brand was officially bought out by LVMH in 1996. Despite being one of LMVH’s oldest fashion houses, Loewe still remains a household name. However, Loewe sell more than just leather goods; they sell clothing, perfumes, and other accessories. Currently, the brand has stores worldwide including in Tokyo, Milan, Hong Kong, and Miami.

Why you should buy a straw bag from Loewe!

Loewe is known for creating some of the most timeless accessories in fashion. This rule certainly applies to their straw bags! Straw bags are usually viewed as a summery accessory to bring to the park or to the beach, but they can be versatile enough to still look fashionable in the fall or winter. With that being said, here are some of our favorite straw bags from Loewe.

Loewe Straw Bag Beige

Small Square Basket bag in raffia and calfskin

For a while now, small bags have been very trendy lately. This bag is the perfect example why. Its tiny size only adds to how adorable the bag already is. The bag is crafted from raffia and calfskin, which gives it a very vintage look. We absolutely adore the leather LOEWE anagram patch on the front!

Basket bag in palm leaf and calfskin

This bag has a modern take on the traditional basket bag design. The white calfskin handles and Anagram embossed side patch adds a fashionab

le twist to the bag. Due to its large but simplistic style, we think this is the absolute perfect bag to use to run errands with!

Small Anagram basket bag in iraca palm and calfskin

If you’re looking for a casual bag to wear on vacation, this bag is perfect for you! It’s classic handwoven body and embroidered calfskin Anagram could easily match anyone’s style! Since this bag was handcrafted, every bag is completely unique. Isn’t that incredible? We’re buying this immediately!

Large basket in palm leaf and calfskin

If you need to carry a large amount of things but want to do it in a stylish way, consider buying this classy bag. This traditional basket bag is large enough to carry everything you’ll ever need without sacrificing its style. The bag’s calfskin straps and timeless embossed anagram patch make this bag a must-have!

So, don’t walk, run to get yourself a straw bag from Loewe! Your closet will thank you. Also, remember to visit Curashion.com often to keep up with the latest trends and sales!

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