How Much do Lululemon Leggings and Shorts Cost?

If you’ve ever walked into a gym (or a Starbucks!), you will have seen somewhere wearing a pair of Lululemon leggings. The brand has a cult-following amongst activewear lovers, and they’re infamous for their leggings and shorts. Lululemon has its own fabric, the trademarked ‘Luon’, which influencers and celebrities swear by. If you’re considering branching out into the world of athleisure, Lululemon is an essential for your closet.

Whether you’re lifting weights or coffee cups, these leggings and shorts are versatile pieces that you will reach for every day. We’re going to cover everything you need to know about the brand and how much the Lululemon leggings and shorts cost.

How Much Do Lululemon Leggings and Shorts Cost

Meet Lululemon Leggings

Lululemon started its life in Vancouver in 1998 as a yoga brand that focused on leggings before expanding to become a lifestyle apparel brand that offers everything from yoga mats to sports bras and backpacks. You can find the brand in almost 500 stores, and they have a huge online presence, with 3.4m followers on their main Instagram page. Lululemon’s mission is to promote mindfulness and to inspire you to embrace #thesweatlife every day.

Lululemon is the latest activewear brand to venture into the world of virtual workouts, purchasing ‘Mirror’, a fitness start-up that sells interactive mirrors for at-home workouts. If you’re someone who lives in your activewear, whether it’s to go to the gym or to work from home, Lululemon is a brand that is worth the investment.

How Much Do Lululemon Leggings Cost?

The price of Lululemon’s leggings will usually depend on the fabric and style you choose. You can expect to pay anywhere from $88 to $138 for them at full retail price. If you live in the UK or EU, you can expect to pay a little more for your leggings thanks to import charges. In the UK, the price ranges from £54 to £148 for leggings. Lululemon and their stockists like Selfridges occasionally hold promotional sales, so you might be able to save yourself a little extra money.

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How Much Are Lululemon Shorts?

If you prefer to show off your legs or want something shorter for summer, Lululemon’s shorts range in price from $58 to $128 retail. The price is usually dependent on whether you’re buying performance-focused pairs, like cycling shorts or a more casual track style. Different shorts from across the various price points occasionally go on sale, so it’s work keeping an eye out for a promotional email to land in your inbox.

The most expensive Lululemon leggings and shorts feature some of the brand’s trademarked materials, which is why they have a higher price tag. You’ll find the ‘slick and low-friction support, Luxtreme’ fabric for most of the highest-priced styles of leggings. At the mid-price point of just under $100, the fast-drying Exerlux fabric is what you’ll expect to get with your leggings. The more budget-friendly Lululemon pieces typically use the weightless Nulu fabric.

While the Lululemon shorts and leggings can come with a hefty price tag, they’re worth the investment. The brand’s trademarked fabrics are comfortable to wear all day long, and they’ll become a closet staple.

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