How much are Versace Belts? Price Guide by Curashion

One staple accessory in your wardrobe is a good belt and if you are a fan of luxury, you might be weighing out your brand options. Versace is one of the world’s premier luxury brands and is known for quality and style. Before your next shopping spree, you might wonder just how much are Versace belts?

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Why Buy a Versace Belt?

In addition to the undeniable style that Versace is known for, they also have an incredible brand dedication to quality. Most of the belts created by Versace are made with Vitello leather, created with premium leather, and often boast the iconic logo.

If you are familiar with the brand you will be able to recognize the Medusa-themed logo anywhere. This well-placed logo came from the concept that Medusa would make anyone fall in love with her, so much like this ancient Greek Goddess, Versace has an undeniable draw to fashion connoisseurs everywhere.

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Versace Belt Prices

When it comes to finding a Versace belt that fits your style and your budget you’ll want to take a few factors into consideration.

It only makes sense to note that the general size or width of your belt will play an important factor in the price. Typically the thinner style belts tend to cost a bit less than the wider belts. This makes sense as less leather or material is used to create the belt, which in turn tends to reduce the cost. Thinner belts like the Virtus thin waistbelt for Women tend to start at $395.

Another component of the belt that seems to impact the price is the buckle. The buckles can be made of various materials and can be a variety of sizes. You’ll see the “V” style buckles along with the bold yet elegant Medusa classic logo.

Popular Women’s Versace Belts

We have curated a few stylish women’s Versace belts for you to check out and see if they fit into your wardrobe.

This belt features the iconic Medusa logo and is a great entry-level choice starting at $350. The classic silhouette comes in 7 sizes, a great fit for everyone!

If a bold statement is what you are looking for, the Medusa Chain Belt might be right up your alley. This is a mid-range belt that includes the Medusa logo with a twist! The logo comes in a statement pink color and is priced at $575.

Veering away from the Medusa logo brings us to the Virtus Waist Belt. This is a gorgeous statement piece that features a very wide belt and a brilliant golden “V” with intricate organic detailing. This piece is black and gold and is priced at $635.

Popular Men’s Versace Belts

Style has no limits when it comes to men’s Versace belts. Let’s explore a few trending designs next:

Minimalist design meets maximum finesse and style with the Medusa Buckle belt. A simple buckle is so effective while tying together an effortless outfit, can be worn sporty or classy. This belt makes the perfect wardrobe staple, available in different finishes and different sizes, prices start from $395.

Looking for a more colorful and extravagant Versace belt? The reversible Multicolor Barocco Medusa Belt features a stunning floral pattern and a gold buckle making it a perfect highlight for a casual outfit, this belt is priced between $450 and $475.

This belt is quite iconic as it has often seen worn by celebrities. A bold buckle is the highlight of this gorgeous premium Vitello leather belt priced at $495. The buckle complements the dark belt and can easily be worn with a business casual outfit or suit.

If you are ready to treat yourself to a brand new Versace belt, it’s key to know what your options and budget are. Based on the factors we’ve discussed right now you can purchase a Versace belt starting at $350 for a simple design to over $1,000 like the Palazzo Croc Leather Belt for men, for something more ornate and extravagant. If you do choose to purchase your Versace belt, remember to stay well-informed of how to identify a fake belt from a real one. There are many guides that exist to help you in your shopping endeavors. Remember to never sacrifice quality or style.

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