How Do Gucci Slides Fit? Sizing Guide by Curashion

Gucci slides are one of the more affordable luxury pieces that you can add to your closet. While they’ll set you back a little more than a pair of Nike slides, they still won’t break the bank. They’re the perfect pair for your first luxury shoes or if you want to treat yourself. We’re going to cover everything you need to know about these shoes, including their sizing and how to style them.

Gucci Slides Fit

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How the Gucci Slides Became a Trend

You can thank everyone’s obsession with athleisure for making Gucci slides a trend in 2017 and one that shows no sign of slowing down. Slides are activewear shoes that used to be worn exclusively around pools or in the gym. Gucci gave these practical shoes a streetwear update adding everything from their green and red webbing to oversized pearls to the rubber material. Before Gucci made them a streetwear essential, Adidas brought the style back as a closet staple.

The Gucci slides are the standout style with several prints available. Whether you want to keep it classic with the signature webbing or choose Gucci’s floral blooms print, there is a pair of slides for you.

The Slides + Socks Debate

The Gucci slides are a controversial pair of shoes. What makes them such a talking point?

It all depends on where you fall on the debate of whether you can wear socks with slides. Some people think it’s an out-dated styling quirk that reminds me of what their dad would have worn in the 70s. For this reason, it’s why other people love the combination. Not everyone wants to have their toes out.

Adding a pair of socks can help you from slipping in your slides, especially if you’re wearing them as poolside shoes. If you want style without compromising on comfort, slides and socks are the most comfortable combination you can wear.

The New Flip-Flops

Slides are the cousins of our test-and-tested flip flops, without the discomfort of the strap. They’re more wearable than flip-flops, and designer brands have been quick to jump on the bandwagon.

In the world of working from home, slides have become a daily staple. You can wear them with your monochrome loungewear for an off-the-clock look. These shoes are for more than taking with you on vacation or wearing to the gym. You can wear them everywhere from beer gardens to weekend shopping trips. It’s all in the styling.

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Are Gucci Slides True to Size?

When you’re thinking of buying these shoes, your first question will be ‘how do Gucci slides fit?’. After all, slip-on shoes tend to fit a little differently than sneakers or heels. You want a pair that will be comfortable and give you a little wriggle room without making you walk out of the shoe. Gucci slides come in European sizes and they typically run true to size. If you’re between sizes, it’s best to size up.

Women’s Gucci Slides Size Chart

Women's Gucci Slides Size Chart

Men’s Gucci Slides Size Chart

Men's Gucci Slides Size Chart

Now that you have an idea about the size you should order online, we recommend you to check out how much do Gucci slides cost to make sure that you order them at the best price.

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