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There is nothing worse than ordering your favorite items than receiving the package and realizing you ordered the wrong size. It is even worse if the item was expensive or if the company has a poor return policy. This is why we are here to help! To prevent yourself from having this heartbreak again, here is the size chart for Fear of God!

Fear Of God Size Chart

What is Fear of God?

Fear of God is a Los Angeles-based brand that was founded by Jerry Lorenzo in 2013. Chances are you have probably seen Lorenzo’s work before. Back in 2016, Lorenzo designed the official wardrobe for Justin Bieber’s purpose tour, as well as the tour’s merchandise. In recent years, Fear of God has become a commercial success for its 90s Grunge-inspired clothing. Personally, we love how authentic and trendy their clothes are!

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Are Fear of God’s sizes accurate?

For the most part, Fear of God has done a good job of keeping their clothes accurate to their size. Very few customers can complain when about buying their item in the wrong size, which is a great thing! With that being said, there are a few things to be aware of before you purchase something from Fear of God.

Most of their coats and jackets are intentionally slightly oversized. So if you naturally want an oversized look from your outerwear, it is probably best to not order a size bigger. You will likely get a coat, sweatshirt, or jacket that is already a bit oversized in your natural size. However, for things like their tops or shoes, don’t worry. Those items will arrive in their accurate size!

Size Chart Fear Of God

Our favorite items from Fear of God!

Now that you know which sizes to look for in Fear of God, here are some of our favorite items from the stylish brand!

The Suit Jacket

For the ultimate chic business casual look, you should get this beige blazer! Its subtle wool fabric can easily be worn at parties or meetings, but it can also be worn casually as you meet up with friends! You can pair this blazer with classy trousers or your favorite pair of jeans!

Grays Henley

Embrace your inner sporty aesthetic with this Henley shirt. This shirt is the perfect way to showcase your love of sports and casual sense of style! We love how versatile this shirt is! You can practically pair it with anything!


Double Pleated Trouser

Become the most fashionable person at your job with these striped gray trousers. These pants were made with a timeless wool fabric that will keep your outfit classy. You can pair these trousers with your favorite graphic tee for a casual look, or just keep your outfit formal and throw on a blazer and button-down shirt!

You never know when brands like Fear of God are having a sale. So, to stay up to date with sales and trends from your favorite brands, remember to visit Curashion.com! You might just find your desired items at a discounted price!

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