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Meet the Signature Beyond Yoga Shorts That Everyone Needs

What we love about Beyond Yoga is how comfortable and stylish their clothing is. They claim that their leggings are the “softest” on the market, being “equally soft and supportive” for whatever the day brings. The Beyond Yoga biker shorts are made using responsibly sourced and environmentally-friendly materials.

If you’re in the market for Beyond Yoga shorts, these are the best-selling styles:

1-Spacedye High Waisted Biker Short

Get back in the saddle with the classic Beyond Yoga biker shorts. This style is made using the brand’s signature performance fabric, Spacedye. It is ‘Bluesign Certified’ as being sustainably and responsibly made – getting extra bonus points in our books. These shorts feature a high rise silhouette and end mid-thigh for a flattering look. We think these Beyond Yoga biker shorts are effortlessly chic.

2-Spacedye At Your Leisure High Waisted Biker Shorts

Another high waisted option for Beyond Yoga shorts is the ‘At Your Leisure’ style. They’re the shorter version of the brand’s best-selling leggings. These shorts and made using the same Spacedye fabric as the previous style, with curve-flattering detailing. We think this style is the ultimate versatile staple for your closet that you can mix and match with your favourite go-to t-shirts.

3-Spacedye Team Pockets High Waisted Biker Shorts

Do you know what is better than Beyond Yoga shorts? Beyond Yoga biker shorts with pockets. You don’t have to worry about where to stash your keys and phone while going on a run. It’s also the perfect size for stashing snacks to keep you fuelled on the go. You can wear these shorts as your go-to workout gear or keep them for everyday wear.

4-Circuit High Waisted Shorts

Are you looking for short shorts? The ‘Circuit’ style is the ultimate choice for running and yoga shorts, especially if you’re trying to keep cool during the summer. These Beyond Yoga shorts give you style and support with the buttery soft Spacedye fabric. The fabric has a unique texture while offering high-performance, whether you’re heading out on vacation or running a marathon.

5-Spacedye Worked Up Short

Meet the classic everyday Beyond Yoga shorts that everyone needs in their closet. These shorts will see you through anything the day brings, whether you’re grabbing brunch or working out. The elastic waistband adds extra comfort, allowing you to tailor the shorts to flatter your figure. The front hip pockets are the perfect size for stashing essentials like your phone or lip gloss for on-the-go.

Whatever your fitness goals are, your activewear closet isn’t complete without a pair of Beyond Yoga shorts.

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