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What is Balenciaga?

Since being founded in 1919, the Spanish luxury fashion house has seen plenty of changes. While Balenciaga made waves in the mid 20th century for their unique ‘balloon hems’, the fashion is now more known for their comfortable streetwear. In fact, the current designer behind Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia, is absolutely beloved for mixing Balenciaga’s avant-garde approach with a trendy and vibrant streetwear aesthetic.

The best Balenciaga tees!

Tees are an essential in everyone’s closet. Everyone needs a small to medium collection of t-shirts. You can wear t-shirts for a casual evening or dress it up for a formal event. With that being said, we absolutely adore Balenciaga’s versatile collection of shirts. The price of these shirts can be a little expensive since it’s a luxury brand, but the designs make the shirts worth the purchase. While there are plenty to choose from, here are some of our favorite tees from Balenciaga!

Fortnite©2021 T-shirt Medium Fit in Black

The video game, Fortnite, has become incredibly popular in the last few years. So, of course, Balenciaga has embraced the trend and made a few shirts showcasing the game’s logo. If you like the video game or simply just love the logo, we highly recommend purchasing this comfortable tee.

Balenciaga Tees WhiteSpace T-shirt in White

If you’re looking for a shirt that expresses your love for NASA and outer space, we highly recommend this cool jersey. This vintage jersey space related patches surrounding the shirt on the front and the back. If you don’t know what to match this shirt with, we personally think it would look amazing with some black jeans or skirt.

New Copyright Small Fit T-shirt in White

For those who prefer their shirts to have a minimal amount of designs and colors, this white tee is perfect for you. The shirt’s only design is the Balenciaga copyright logo printed across the front chest area. We love how versatile this shirt is! It can easily be worn for a casual afternoon or a night out with your friends!

Drip Peace Large Fit T-shirt in White/Yellow

A nice graphic tee is an absolute essential item everyone should have. This graphic tee in particular is too stylish to not buy. The white shirt has a yellow and black smiley face dripping printed on the front of the shirt. The best part about this shirt is that, due to its simplicity, it can effortlessly match anyone’s style!

When it comes to buying new tees, you should save yourself the trouble and just head straight to Balenciaga. Your closet will thank you.

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