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What is Balenciaga?

Since being found in 1919, the Spanish luxury fashion house, Balenciaga, has grown to be a household name. Balenciaga is most known for revolutionizing women’s fashion with their ballroom hems in the 1950s, or more recently, for creating trendy and chic sneakers! While the brand has gone through plenty of changes in the past few decades, you are probably most familiar with Balenciaga’s comfortable and unique streetwear designs that celebrities and Instagram influencers have been obsessed with!

Our favorite sock shoes from Balenciaga!

The popular sock shoe design from Balenciaga has probably been all over your Instagram feed, as loyal customers can’t help but be obsessed with their unique and sleek design! So, it would be no surprise if you would also want to join the chic trend. Luckily for your shopping pleasure, Balenciaga offers plenty of different types of sock shoes that can fit anyone’s sense of style. However, if you need some help finding their most stunning pairs, here are some of the best sock shoes!

Balenciaga Sock Shoes 2Speed 2.0 Sneaker in Pink

Make a bold statement with these lovely light pink sneakers! These sneakers were made out of technical recycled knit, as well as an ultra-articulated molded sole unit for a comfortable and sleek fit! We are obsessed with how the Balenciaga logo is printed all over in white, as it gives the shoe a much-needed edge!

Speed Recycled Sneaker in Black/White

For those who prefer a more subtle look, may we recommend this chic black sneaker? This sneaker was made out of technical recycled knit and an ultra-articulated molded sole unit. Its lightweight design with adorned with a white Balenciaga logo printed on the exterior of the shoe!

Speed Recycled Sneaker in White

Do you want to command a room every time you walk in one? If so, you should wear these striking sneakers! These sneakers were made to be extremely lightweight, so it almost feels like you’re walking barefoot. We love how the technical recycled knit gives this shoe a unique, sleek design any fashion-lover will adore!

Speed Sneaker in Beige

This sneaker is perfect for someone who wants a slightly more casual version of this shoe. Its beige color and ultra-flexible molded sole make it the perfect, casual shoe to wear to run errands or hang out with your friends! You can keep your outfit laid-back and wear these shoes with a pair of jeans, or dress these shoes up with a more sophisticated dress!

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