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Men’s Amiri Jeans Buying Guide

The recipe for high-end jeans includes Rockstar aesthetics, streetwear suave, and a dash of spicy destruction – simmer on high heat and you have men’s Amiri jeans. This luxury brand was founded by Mike Amiri in the fast-paced fashion capital, Hollywood. You know you are wearing jeans with the soul when you can literally feel the vintage inspiration and bold styles paired with new-age trendy vibes. If you are ready to wear jeans created with the iconic Steven Tyler in mind then Men’s Amiri Jeans might be right up your alley.

How to Authenticate Amiri Jeans (real vs. fake)

When you are shopping for your next pair of Amiri Jeans it’s important to know what to look for in terms of ensuring you’re getting a genuine piece of Amiri clothing.

Interior waist label – authentic Amiri labels will have a font that is litter thinner. Fakes tend to have thick blocky-looking fonts.

Pocket Patch – much like the interior label, there will be a patch above the rear right pocket of the jeans and should also not contain the wide-bodied font.

Distressing – if your Amiri jeans have a distressed look to them you’ll want to ensure that the distressing seems purposeful and relatively neat. Many fake jeans will have very jagged and “messy” distress marks.

Button Text – other areas you can check font on are the buttons, the font will also not be the wider style, and will be thinner and evenly spaced.


Who Makes Amiri Jeans?
AMIRI is the brainchild and fruit of Mike Amiri’s labor of love. Mike is an American/Iranian fashion designer who cut his teeth on making clothing for iconic rock stars like Axl Rose and Steven Tyler. He launched AMIRI in 2014 and has been creating edgy aesthetics ever since then.
Where are Amiri Jeans Made?
You probably have spent some time wondering where some of your favorite brands manufacture their clothing – whether it be for ensuring that the materials are ethically sourced or if you are just curious. Amiri jeans are manufactured in the United States, Los Angeles specifically.
Are Amiri Jeans worth buying?
We certainly think so, these jeans are constructed of high-quality denim that will move with your body. You are looking at a durable yet comfortable style with varied patterns, colors, and textures that will fit right into your wardrobe. Because many of these jeans tend to have a bit of stretch to them you know they are going to hug your body just right when you select the correct size.
How to Clean Amiri Jeans
After wearing your jeans over time you’ll notice that they might need to be washed. With Amiri Jeans, you’ll want to be aware of how often you are washing them. Washing them too much can cause the jeans to lose elasticity and cause fading. If you have some minor stains, spot cleaning might do the trick. For times when you need to wash your jeans be sure to turn them inside-out, use cold water, and a very mild detergent. For drying your Amiri Jeans you’ll want to hang dry them so they don’t lose their texture and so they don’t shrink.
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